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Let’s face it. Halloween is one of the best times of the year to be a kid. They get to dress up, release their “inner-monster”, stay up later than usual, and most importantly, walk the spooky streets roaming for free candy. While it’s all fun and games for the kids, parents have one thing on their mind: cavities. No parent wants to ruin this special holiday by banning their children from candy, but there are some important steps that can be taken to minimize your child’s risk of dental problems.

Here are a few helpful tips:


This tip is simple enough. Assure your children that they will have their Halloween candy, but also enforce that it is not an all day candy fest.


Set a specific time for your children to consume their sugar treats. It is important to enjoy candy with a full meal and to be sure to drink lots of water during consumption. The water will cleanse their teeth and aid in rinsing.


It is important to make sure your child brushes his or her teeth immediately after consuming sugary treats. Parents should make it a point to supervise their children while brushing to ensure that they brush for the full 2-3 minutes and use floss.


Before Halloween, take your child out and let him/her pick out a new toothbrush. This will encourage children to want to brush their teeth by making it seem fun and exciting.


Avoid giving your child candies that are especially sticky, such as Starburst, Swedish Fish or Laffy Taffy. These candies will stick to the teeth and in between the teeth. Hard candy should also be avoided because they coat the teeth with sugar.

These tips will ensure that parents are helping their children learn proper dental health habits. Halloween is a time of tricks and treats, but these treats can be detrimental to your child’s teeth and your wallet. Practice responsible candy consumption and Halloween can be treat for both you and your child.

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